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unite all people


Over three decades of grassroots organizing, including twenty-two years at the helm of a social justice organization, convince me that individuals are motivated to political action not solely by self-interest, but by an inner, moral conviction to care for others. 


Develop the People


It is for this reason that I share the credo of popular educator and civil rights leader Myles Horton: "If I had to make a choice between achieving an objective and utilizing the struggle to develop and radicalize people, my choice would be to let the goal go and develop the people."


Shape a Vision


I have also seen the transformative potential of having a clear vision, whether it is for a small piece of land or for the role of government, in mobilizing people and catalyzing action. This is most strongly felt when that vision is owned by the people who conceived it.



“You have been a champion of justice and have made a difference because you have cared enough to make it happen. Your cause has been a road that seems like it has no end, but has many stops along the way that have been improved because ‘Gail was here!’”

Howard S.

 “You have been such an inspiration to me and so many others who are working for more open housing and social justice in our neighborhoods. I truly admire the way you combine strength with warmth in your approach to people and projects.”

- Kristin B.

“People appreciate Gail for being both humble and tenacious – a combination that has effectively brought people together.... She facilitates and prods people who are concerned but not certain what to do by helping them see a bit further on the horizon what is needed to change the situation.” 

- Janet S.