Grant Writing


I got my first grant when I was 23 as a tenant organizer in Brooklyn, NY. I took a chance and forged a partnership with a jazz orchestra to work with Williamsburg children. I was able to raise a modest $500 from the Brooklyn Arts and Culture Association for the group to teach saxophone, drums and guitar to local children in this small but treasured program -- one that I will never forget and taught me to see the impact that even a small philanthopic donation can have.

Since then, I've cumulatively raised millions in grant funding and contracts for a range of housing, civil rights, education and environmental justice campaigns, immigrant integation, arts, and civic engagement programs from a diverse portfolio of government, foundation, corporate, and congregational donors. My largest award was a 3-year U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development fair housing grant of just over $1 million in 2015. 

As an accomplished fundraiser, I know how to craft and send the message that potential funders want to hear: that their investment in what your organization does will make a real difference in people's lives.

Between 1993 and 2016 when I was the Executive Director and sole grantwriter of Open Communities, the premier north suburban Chicago housing, economic and social justice organization, I increased the agency's funding nearly five-fold, from a budget of $200,000 to $1 million, expanding the number of people successfully housed or educated about their rights or who were able to forge new relationships across lines of difference, such as through creative immigrant integration programs. 

Likewise, in addition to drafting proposals, I can help you strategize on new programs that meet both your needs and funders' goals, and suggest funding sources.

I have helped emerging groups and campaigns gain funding, such as United We Learn, Wilmette Cares, and Legacy Leaders. 

Current Contracts:

  • McGaw YMCA in Evanston (Subcontract with GrowthVisionHealth)
  • Curt's Cafe: to establish a cafe in Highland Park

Recently Completed Contracts: